Hello, I'm Lucas Oliveira

About me

I'm a brazilian software developer 6 years ago, I live in Belo Horizonte - Brazil, and today i'm leading a development team that builds products to help our customers make awesome things on the marketing market. I love free software and open source, software architecture, object orientation, design patterns, agile methodologies and most of my time is dedicated to learning and code it.

Today, PHP is my work program language, since I work as PHP developer for some years, and believe that she is a powerful object oriented language, that is living a maturing process and I really feel proud by be a part.

But my vocabulary have other skills too, like Python, Ruby, Java, C++ and Javascript (both client side and server side), which are solid OOP languages ​​(except JS) where PHP is learning a lot.

I love GNU/Linux, the world would not be what it is today if not for people around these two awesome projects. But i'm not an *nixfag, I like diversity everywhere, including on technology. The hacker culture made what i'm today, I don't have a formal academic degree, and don't intend to have one.

On my free time, I like study and write free software, but I like feeling my life outside of computer too, on the nature, traveling and camping. I care about social problems, since I feel myself stupid when I look to state and there is some bad guys playing with people life.

And, I love cook! (although I'm not so good in do it).

Contact me

You can find me at LinkedIn, Github and Facebook.

Or you can send me an e-mail too: contato at devlucas.eti.br